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    Delivering Nationwide Homeowner Mailing List Data to Your Business Faster and More Accurately than ALL of the Competition.We are experts in the new homeowner data business. We are not a data reseller or affiliated with any credit agency. FIS offers the only real national NEW Homeowner DAILY update in the country.

Mailing List Data

FIS allow you to run your own counts real-time and data is delivered SAME DAY. First In Service offers data updated DAILY 5 days a week and that puts you weeks ahead of your competition. That means more business for you. When you need mailing list data quickly and accurately you can rely on us.

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Most Current Mailing List Data In the US

We upload new, current data 5 days a week. You can even sign up to have your daily order delivered automatically. That gets you in front of your prospects sooner than the competitors. This will allow your mailing list to get delivered faster and more accurately.

Nationwide Coverage

Delivering data for more counties in the US than any other national company. We cover 2983 out of 3300 counties nationally. We are not a data broker. We are a data compiler with multiple well-vetted sources. This is important because it allows us to get you more accurate data than our competitors. Give us a try and find out.

Fast and Reliable

We compile and deliver new homeowner transactions up to 40% faster than any other competitor. FIS Data is the only real-time daily new homeowners update in the US. (Note: while other companies claim to provide this, but they generally just take a week of data, divide it into 5 then deliver it daily.) We are dependable. We ensure our customers have access to these files via our website or through automated delivery on time and on schedule.

Real Time Counts

You can run your own counts real-time and have your data delivered same day. How about setting your criteria up once and have the data delivered to you automatically 5 days a week? Also when you need to change your criteria whether that is adding zip codes or counties or changing the mortgage amount, you can do that on the fly as well. Your mailing list data is in your hands to control unless you need help and then we are there to assist as well.

We Are Here to Help

If you have a special request or need assistance one of our specialized customer service representatives are here to assist to create the mailing list data that you need to grow your busines.  Just give us a call at 1-800-446-LIST (5478).

Experience Matters

Since 1993, First In Service (FIS Data) has been delivering the highest quality data products with exceptional service. We are not a data broker We are a data compiler with numerous well-vetted sources and a stringent data governance structure. We have proprietary algorithms that compile, compare, cleanse and standardize our data.