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Experience Matters

Since 1993, First In Service (FIS) has been delivering quality products and exceptional service. We are not a broker (this may save you money). We are a data compiler with numerous sources. We put together algorithms that compile, compare, cleanse, and standarize the data. FIS is unmatched by any competitor and to retain that position, we continuously improve and update our sources and methods.

Most Current Data in the US

We upload new, current data 5 days a week. You can even sign up to have your daily order delivered automatically.

National Coverage

FIS has more data covering more counties in the US. FIS has data for more counties than any other national company. We proudly cover 2983 counties out of 3300 nationally. This represents a 36% increase over other companies in our industry.

Reliable-Secure-Flexible Options

You can download your files from the FIS secure website and will receive email notifications with a link requiring login credentials.


if want to say the 100% accurate according to USPS standards (which really might not be considered good in today’s world).


Real Time - You can run your criteria in real-time and have your data delivered same day. Automation - FIS offers the ONLY automated daily file where you set up your criteria ONCE and you receive an automated, current daily file.